Construction and development are the fundamentals of a better life for the people of Guinea.

From housing, to roads, Guinea is in need of investment in the construction sector. For every construction project in Guinea you need to obtain the right permits and licenses and also be aware of all fees involved along with your responsibilities to the community.

To facilitate trade and economic development, Guinea is in need of new infrastructure and improvement on roads, airports and ports. In a bid to elevate the living conditions of Guineans, the Government welcomes foreign participation in the development of social amenities and construction of housing as part of social development projects.

The provision of cheaper and affordable housing is to ensure security and stability and to keep undesirable social unrest at bay.


There has been a great deal of work on improving the social economic conditions of the country by undertaking extensive housing projects.


Road construction projects aim to ease travelling cost and time, as well as boosting the country’s economy. It also allows for better delivery of goods and social services.