Supply, production, marketing and agricultural services play a leading role in Guinea.

Guinea boasts significant agricultural assets, offering numerous possibilities for accelerating growth and creating lasting jobs.

Agricultural activities have long been focused on traditional food and crop production, such as rice, cassava, corn, yams, bananas, sweet potatoes, fonio, peanuts, mangoes and pineapples.

Agriculture has been identified as a priority growth sector on the same level as mining, and recently kick-started the trend towards diversification with the revival of cotton cultivation, and the planting of rubber trees and palm groves.


The private sector plays a leading role in attaining these goals, notably in the sectors of supply, production, marketing and agricultural services.


Another priority is to develop the cultivation of export crops in order to satisfy the consumer demand and increase foreign currency earnings.


Guinea also has high farming potential in terms of livestock with fertile, diverse pastures spanning many kilometres. This key sector employs 283,000 people and accounts for 30% of the income of the rural population.