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When it comes to food supplies, Africa faces enormous instability due to unpredictable climate and poor resources. Only 6% of Africa’s cultivated land is irrigated, limiting the volume of crops that can be grown out of season. Peak Guinea have strong relationships with the people of Guinea and are conciously aware of the hardship that the villagers face on a daily basis.

In answer to this, Peak Guinea make a valient effort to bring in food supplies by the tonnes on a regular basis, not only as a thank you for allowing them to be part of their community but to give back to those in need.

CEO of Peak Group said, “Peak Guinea are highly honoured to be able to supply the people in Guinea, West Africa with regular shipments of canned and preserved food stuffs which will help support the local community for the next few months and for as long as possible, we will continue to do so!”

Many more things can be done to help the communities in Guinea, West Africa and businesses that invest in the area can make vast improvements to their lives. Please contact us for more information about working, investing or contributing to this great cause.